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What is Saga Forge Scribe?

Saga Forge Scribe is a writing competition for Fantasy RPG One-Shot Adventures. If you are looking for an escape or for something to spend your free time on, then consider entering the first One-Shot Adventure writing competition. Enter now for your chance to win some great prizes and have your adventure featured!


Is there a prize?

IS THERE EVER! This time around Nerdy Chicken has been kind enough to sponsor a custom hand made Cthulhu themed DM screen which comes complete with LED lights, a dice tower and shelves to hold all your DM needs (RRP $765)!


In addition to the grand prize, the winner will also be streamed on a special Halloween episode by Adventurer's Wanted!! See your adventure come to life!

Finally, two runner-ups will receive a set of pre-generated minis (RRP $50 each) from Gaming Geek! 

Are there door prizes?

Once again 2minutetabletop is providing our entries with a chance to win a random Halloween themed map this year. Door prizes will be drawn throughout September so you could win them just in time for your Halloween adventures!

How do you pick a winner?

We have a selection of industry experts who will be judging your submissions based on our marking criteria (available here). The judging panel brings a wide range of expertise. Once again we have a great judging panel. Details will be released shortly here!

Is there a theme this year?

This contest's theme is HALLOWEEN so there should be plenty of previous adventures for you to pick from. How you interpret the theme is up to you! 

Who is it open to?

You asked and we're delivering. Saga Forge Scribe is now open to any ttrpg designer and writers *worldwide who want to take a shot at the grand prize (*almost please see full rules for geographic & age limits). 

What classifies as a One-Shot Adventure?

For the purposes of this contest, a one-shot adventure is an adventure that can be completed in a single sitting (Approx 6hr or less). The adventure must include at least one encounter of the following: combat interaction, one social interaction OR one environmental interaction. There is a max word-count so please ensure you read our Rules.

Can I submit something I've already written?

Yes, as long as you fit all other rules criteria you are free to submit any entry you have already written. Please note that previously published adventures on blogs, print or other websites will not be accepted.


When are submission deadlines?

Submissions open August 14th @ 00:00 and close August 24th, 2020 @ 23:59 (Pacific GMT -7). This is to ensure we have enough time to screen & judge the adventures while also giving our streaming partners enough time to produce the episode for a Halloween release. Please be aware that there is a submission limit, and we will announce here if we are close to closing early. You can always submit a rough draft to hold your place and update it closer to the submission deadline. (Same for those who are seeking feedback, we recommend purchasing your token early to guarantee availability)

How much does it cost? 

It is FREE TO ENTER! If you want feedback on your work there are paid options that go towards the panelists who are giving you the feedback and help to offset set-up fees. Saga Forge Scribe is a NET-Loss passion project but if you would like to support the contest please visit our Patreon. 100% of Patreon donations go towards improving the contest every year.

Have more questions? check out the FAQ and ensure you read through our full Rules.

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