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Last Edited on July 07, 2020

By entering in the Saga Forge Scribe competition, you hereby agree to adhere to the following rules and terms:

1.0 Contest Rules and Guidelines

  1. Entrants must be 14+ years of age

  2. Submissions must be less than 10,000 words (roughly 20 pages of text). Supplementary information is included in this word limit (e.g. If you want to include character block stats or item information in an appendix).

  3. Submissions must adhere to the contest theme they are submitting to. The contest theme will be clearly outlined in contest promotion and on the contest website.

  4. Submissions must be general enough to be played on multiple RPG systems; however, it will be judged keeping the rules of D&D5e in mind as to keep equity in grading. 

  5. Submissions can include any type of content that would be generally appropriate for ages 14+ and in good taste. Therefore, content deemed inappropriate for ages 14+ or in poor taste will be disqualified. 

  6. Submissions must include at least one of the following interactions: Combat, Environmental, and Social interactions (well-rounded adventures should include a mix).

    1. A Combat Interaction is defined as: An encounter where the playing party’s primary resolution to a situation is through fighting (physically and/or magically) some sort of antagonist and/or each other. Example: The party is cornered by a group of zombie pirates longing for the brave adventurer’s brains and booty. Sun’s out gun’s out, time to bash some zombies.​

    2. An Environmental Interaction is defined as: An encounter where the playing party must overcome some obstacle as presented in the environment in which the game takes place. Example: The party must navigate their way out of a burning building through a series of tactical maneuvers, feats of strength, and some darn good dice rolling. 

    3. A Social Interaction is defined as: An encounter where the playing party’s primary resolution to a situation is NOT through fighting, by means which may include but not limited to: intimidation, coercion, charm, outwitting and/or confusing a foe and/or each other. Example: You need to persuade the local town council to let you comb through their archives to find the origins of that weird little shrine outside the pub. Time to let the Benjamins do the talking.

  7. Submissions may include photos and drawings to supplement content, but this is not required and will not necessarily affect the overall mark.


2.0 Submissions

  1. Only one submission per entry, but you may edit and re-submit entries as many times as needed before the deadline. Only the last submitted entry before the deadline will be looked at and reviewed.

  2. All submissions must be in English. Marks will not be deducted for minor grammar, spelling, or syntax errors in campaigns. However, if areas are illegible or difficult to understand the panelists may not be able to award full marks in relevant sections. If your submission makes it to the top 5 Saga Events hold the right to ask you to edit the material to be without error before being published online. 

  3. All submissions must be in pdf format. For author anonymity, please do not include your real name inside the adventure document, only in the file title, see 2.4

  4. All submissions must be file named as follows: Last Name, First Name, Adventure Name. Example: Cavill, Henry, DefinetlyNotWitcherFanFic.pdf

  5. Submissions are open to participants worldwide (unfortunately the following areas do not qualify due to individual restrictions set out by their governing bodies: the Canadian province of Quebec, and the countries of Brazil, Italy, and Russia)

  6. Saga Event Management Inc holds the right to end submissions early or extend submission deadline dates for logistical reasons as they deem necessary.

3.0 Judging, Critical Feedback, & Awarding of Prizes

  1. All submissions that meet the submission rules and past the initial screening to the semi-finals will be anonymized and given an entry number which will be sent to the judges to give a mark following our marking criteria and then returned. 

  2. If you have paid for “critical feedback” you are entitled to up to one page of detailed feedback on your submissions. Feedback will include things done well, and what areas need improvement. Fees will not be refunded, however may be disputed if you feel feedback is too vague. A dispute does not guarantee refund or further action.

  3. Saga Events holds the rights to cap critical feedback submissions due to logistical concerns.

  4. The grand prize will be awarded to the submission deemed “best overall adventure” in accordance to our panelists. 

  5. The prizes will be announced via social media and finalists will be contacted directly to the address email they submitted their entry from.  

  6. Winners will be contacted by email and prizes must be claimed within 72 hours of contact.

  7. Any submissions which are disqualified for not meeting any of the rules or guidelines will not be graded, returned, or qualify for any prizes. Participants will not be refunded. Participants may have the opportunity to amend minor infringements to the rules if there is time available in the competition


4.0 Declaration of Originality

  1. Submissions must be original material written by the submitter.

  2. Submissions can not be published on any other platforms before the announcement of the contest winners.

  3. Submissions must not include the intellectual property (IP) or violate copyright or trademarks of others.

  4. Only one submission per author, although you may update and re-submit the same entry before the deadline of the contest


5.0 Terms

  1. By entering the competition, you agree that your work is original and not plagiarized in any way

  2. By entering the competition, you agree that you and your submission adhere to the rules set out in sections 1 - 5 of this document

  3. Participants keep all intellectual and creative rights to their stories.

  4. Participants grant Saga Events allowance to share submissions online on their website & blog with full credits given to the author. 

  5. Participants grant Saga Events and partners the right to play the winning submission on a podcast, stream, or similar broadcast as part of the grand prize with full credit being given to the author.


Marking Criteria:


A mark out of 100 will be attributed based on the following:

  1. Story 40 points (based on plot, coherence, balance, x-factors)

  2. World Building 20 points (NPCs, location design, supplementary materials such as loot)

  3. Adventure Encounters/Interactions 40 points


All interactions are based on variety (of encounters and potential outcomes), uniqueness & X-factors.

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