The Saga Forge Scribe: The RPG One-Shot Adventure Writing Contest

The current Covid-19 crisis is having a huge impact on the events industry and repercussions will likely be felt for many years to come. Realistically, many events may never be able to operate in the same way ever again. What this means for the industry is that we will be heading into a time of unprecedented uncertainty & ingenuity.

At Saga Events, we are taking this challenge as an opportunity to reevaluate our offerings. We wanted to offer something now, that people can enjoy from home and focus on creatively, thus Saga Forge Scribe - a creative writing competition for RPG one-shot adventures was born.

The current Saga Forge Scribe is a ‘flash’ writing competition, launched on April 11th with submissions open until May 11, 2020. With such a short time-frame and being the first contest we wanted to keep the options open to a wide audience, and so, this competition’s theme is: fantasy (themes will be more specific in competitions to follow). Submissions do not have to be newly written material and previous adventures can be submitted as long as they meet our rules.

How can you judge something like a One-shot adventure? You might ask. Fairly so, everybody has different needs and wants in their adventure. We recognize that some adventurers seek more combat while others might lean towards solving puzzles or getting out of difficult social situations. Therefore, we decided that in order to be crowned the best campaign you need to touch upon all 3 types of interactions that people enjoy: Social, Environmental, and Combat interactions, while also telling a great story and introducing us to a fantastic world. We have developed a judging scheme for the competition which keeps these qualifications in mind. Our judging panel was selected to ensure that we had a wide range of unique skill sets and experience. The panel ranges from indie game designers to university lecturers. Out panel and their bios can be found on our panelist page.

The competition is free to enter but there are paid options available to those who want to receive critical feedback from our panelists. We know that people enjoy the challenge and spirit of competition that comes from a contest like this and hope it's a way to bring people together and focus on something we all love in a time when there are lots of crazy things going on.

The 2020 Saga Forge Scribe Flash Competition will only give out one grand prize for best overall campaign. A cash grand prize will be provided by Saga Events and the winning submission will be played on the D&D based storytelling podcast: North by North Quest. The winner will also be granted an access code to the next competition with 3x critical feedback for free (a value of $50).

If this seems like something you or someone you know is interested in please check out the website for rules, updates, and contest details. Sharpen your quills, dust off your dungeon guides, and get your creative potions flowing, we hope to hear from you soon!

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