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General Questions


Q: What is Saga Forge Scribe?

A: Saga Forge Scribe is a passsion project of Saga Events' Founders. The first scribe competition launched in spring 2020 and due to its success has become an annual writing contest for tabletop RPG one-shot adventures.

Q: How can I support the contest?

A: Our sponsorship & panellist applications are always open so if you would like to partner on this project feel free to reach out. If you are looking to support by helping to contribute to the operational costs we always appreciate any help through our Patreon. 

Entry Guidelines


Q: What do you mean by “Halloween” for the contest theme?

A: We are taking a very liberal definition for this contest so how you interpret the contest theme is up to you. Whether it be a horror-themed adventure through a haunted house or something more light-hearted it is up to you.

Q: I have submitted adventures on DM Guild/My adventures are available on my Patreon for a small fee. Does this mean I cannot enter?

A: Saga Forge Scribe is now open to all participants that fit in our rules guidelines. The only stipulation here is that the submitted adventure cannot already be published on DMs Guild or other website as we have no way to ensure the adventure is actually yours.

Q: How much detail do I need to provide in my Adventure write up?

A: You do not need to provide a super detailed adventure. For example, if you have a combat encounter we are not expecting you to provide stats for all creatures etc (especially as IP and copyright of Wotc material are not allowed, but feel free to include stats if you want as this does help with marking). However, if the character has a particular ability, particular trait, characteristic, etc that makes it unique or plays a big part in the interaction then it should be included. You can check out our previous winners HERE and a detailed example of a potential encounter can be downloaded here: 



Below is a summary of the above encounter but you should read through the attached document for a better idea of what we are looking for. Of course, this does not have to be the exact style/outline you follow this is just an example:

"The party is traveling through the forest to get to a Temple before a cult does. While camping, an injured Troll will attack them looking for food. This is intended to be a medium difficulty conflict encounter that can be ended or avoided in several ways.

  • Explain the surroundings & any benefits: ... the trees make ranged combat difficult (archers and magic) which works in the Trolls favour.


  • Explain the stats/characteristics: The Troll is non-territorial, hard of hearing, sensitive to light, and vulnerable to fire. It will avoid getting too close to any campfires in the encounter and the flames can be used to their advantage by doing X or Y  (list out potential advantages). 


  • Explain potential solutions: Because the Troll is motivated by hunger it is possible for the players to throw meat to the Troll which will buy them time to gather more information and grant bonuses to actions ...

  • Explain potential outcomes:  How they treat the trees and creatures found in the forest will influence how the magical temple will receive them. Healing the troll garners the most favour, while killing it and then not taking any of its parts (ie wasting it) garners the least. Secondary outcomes: A living troll may help fend off the cultists who are also trying to get to the temple; using excessive noise may tip of the cult to their location.

Q: I want to submit an entry that is designed for a system other than D&D, is this okay?

A: In short yes, but it depends. The contest is intended to be system agnostic but the winning submission will be played with D&D 5e mechanics. This means that the adventure needs to be easily adapted to fit this system. Our judges may not be familiar with the other system used as well. If you are submitting an entry that uses a different system, please include a difficulty scale. I.e "this interaction is intended to be easy/difficult/impossible and would succeed X% of the time" or something of a similar nature.

Q: What is the difference between a free & paid entry?

A: Free entry gives you an overall score out of 100 and comments are very limited. Paid “Critical Feedback” entails one panelists (or more) commenting on each marking criteria and giving detailed feedback on what worked and what could be improved.

Q: I’ve had a new idea or something I want to change in my adventure, can I resubmit it?

A: Yes, you can re-submit your entry as many times as you like before the contest deadline, we will only look at the latest time-stamped entry when moving on to evaluation.

Critical Feedback


Q: What are these feedback tokens?

A: These are virtual tokens that are available in our store. Purchasing tokens guarantees you critical feedback on your adventure from our great panelists and is a great way to elevate your adventure to the next level or get the feedback you need.  

Where does the money from Critical Feedback entries go? 

A: Saga Forge Scribe is a net-loss passion project. Critical Feedback fees go to the panellists who are volunteering their time to the project and go towards the operational costs of the contest. If we ever recoup our costs the money will go towards improving the next contest with bigger prizes and more categories to win.

Q: I want to get critical feedback, but only on one portion of the marking criteria (such as story but not any of the interactions or vice versa), is this possible?

A: Yes, all you have to do is leave a comment when purchasing your feedback token and we will let the panelists know.

Q: I have paid for critical feedback/purchased a token already but want to re-submit, do I need to pay again?

A: No, your payment is attributed to your email so you can re-submit as many times as long as you are using the same email address to do so.


Q: I’ve already submitted an adventure but after thinking about it I now want critical feedback, is this possible?

A: Yes, you just need to purchase a feedback token from our store and let us know your adventure name in the comment or the email address you will be using to submit your adventure. 

Q: I have a previously published adventure that I would like critical feedback on, but you mention that this competition is not open to these types of adventures. Am I disqualified?

A: If you want to be considered for the grand prize your submitted entry must be new. HOWEVER, if you just want critical feedback but you are okay with not being considered for the grand prize you may still enter and purchase a feedback token. If you do so one of our panelists will give you critical feedback but your entry will be removed from the entries being considered for the prize. If you would like to do this you MUST mention this in the notes, otherwise, it will be flagged as not following the rules, will be disqualified and will not receive any feedback or refunds.  There is a limit to the number of critical feedback entries we can accept and those entering the contest will be given priority. We will refund your purchase if we reach our quota.


Word Limit:

Q: I want to include details about my lore etc, but I am over the word-limit. Can I include this in the appendix?

A: Unfortunately, No. Although we appreciate details like this the time commitment required to read through these adventures are already a big commitment and so everything submitted must fiti within the provided word-count (10K words). 


Q: My submission is nowhere near the word-limit, am I going to be marked harshly because of this?

A: No, absolutely not. The word-limit is just that, a limit so that our panelists are not overloaded with reading. A One-Shot Adventure can be summarized in just a few pages and you should not feel like you need to write more. As long as you cover each of the marking areas you will be marked fairly.

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